Create a Life you want to Live – Create your Universe

What is your Universe?

To know how to create a life you want to live you should first know more about yourself. Every one of us has our own world. It consists of the people we know, the places we visit, the things we possess and the relationships. Moreover, it is the experiences we have. So each of us has different and certainly unique experience of life. It is never the same for two people even the twins. However, your perception of life does not make it different from the other. It is your thoughts that create your experiences and in turn manifest your situations. Hence, it would not be exaggerating to say that any good or bad incident you have been through is certainly created by your thoughts, brought into action by your energy.

So there is no need to blame God because you are a part of the very creator that created you and undoubtedly possess all the abilities to create your reality. You are the master of your world. We all are masters since nothing can happen to us without a part of us giving permission to it. The drama that is taking place around us is our own drama and we have written, directed and assigned artists into it to play the suitable roles both the negative and the positive ones.

Why are we victims?

We are ancient souls living for ages, undergoing evolution by changing bodies and enhancing our wisdom. Once the soul steps into the physical body it forgets its power and connection to its all powerful source. It starts getting attached to the body and energies get denser. Thereafter it becomes comfortable with earthly life. In the process, it deviates from its life purpose and destiny. Furthermore, creates unwanted Karma by wishful choices using the bonus of Free will that it has.

Being a victimizer and be victimized is both by choice or by intention to balance the effect of a previous choice. It only becomes a repetitive vicious cycle when we fail to understand the root cause of things happening to us and fail to accept it gracefully. Thus we fall into the pit of playing the victim every time till we remember the learning and let it go to move on

How can Heal Eternity help you create your perfect life?

At Heal Eternity we combine the essence of life, the wisdom of ages, support of Science and facts from researchers to deliver amazing results to our clients. You can find extremely passionate practitioners here who dedicate their lives to advancement and transformation of the human race. Our core values of honesty, transparency, dedication, and passion make us our client’s favorite always. The create a life you want to live program will let you live your desired life.

What to expect from the session?

A better understanding of your life, your relationships, work and the opportunities you attract. Understanding and letting go of incidents of the past. Planning and manifesting a desirable future. Getting into the vibration that can fulfill your dreams. Enhancing awareness and wisdom to cope with anything that comes your way in near future.

How to take your first step towards your healing?

Your courage to seek help is appreciable. Any change starts with a decision. So your decision to stop living the same way can open a whole new world in front of you. Hence contact us here or click the book appointment button to get in touch. We understand your concern so we will answer all your queries in the FREE 30 mins consultation with one of our experts. We believe in wellness for all. Our best wishes for an amazing journey ahead!