What is Fear and how it is different from Phobia?

To deal with anxiety fears phobias are difficult without professional help. We all have experienced fear at some time of our life due to various reasons. Fear of cockroaches, fear of losing our loved ones, fear of gaining weight, etc, the list is never ending. But when asked we do remember an incident when the fear started. It may also be an adapted behavior, like fear of lizard is normally a learned behavior from mothers who are afraid of the same. Where as in case of phobia you have no reference to an incident that you can remember. So it is a fear beyond your control which may seem totally illogical to others around you, eg: some may have fear of swimming but there is no history of accidental drowning in childhood. So fear has a starting point but the phobia is an unexplained phenomenon.

Modern research show high chances that a phobia is the residual effect of experience of another life. The subconscious mind as we know is the store house of experiences but it has no sense of linear time as the conscious mind. Thus if you had drowned to death in 1920 in another life and you happen to be in a similar environment in 2012 in current life when you decide to go boating in a lake, chances are that in the middle of the lake you might start feeling breathless and tensed but also confused because the conscious mind cannot figure out why is this happening as everything seems to be ok at the moment. At Heal Eternity we have time tested methods to deal with your fear permanently. Similarly get rid of your phobia forever.

Sports Performance/ Exam stress/ Fear of Public Speaking

We all had those days of exam tension. The stress to perform either in academics or sports. Also, the freezing moment at the stage when trying to speak in front of the crowd. At Heal Eternity you will learn unique ways to deal with stage fright. Thus you will be able to overcome the fear of speaking in public. Moreover, we give special guidance to children for performing better in exams. Expect to enhance your performance in sports and athletics after the sessions.

Results after the anxiety fears phobias healing session

Better performance in exams and academics.
Improved performance in sports
Confidently speaking in public
Freedom from phobia
Get rid of Fear permanently.

How to take your first step towards your healing?

Your courage to seek help is appreciable. Any change starts with a decision and your decision to stop living the same way can open a whole new world in front of you. So contact us here for booking your anxiety fears phobias session. Since we understand your concern so we are here to answer all your query in the FREE 30 mins consultation with one of our experts. We believe in wellness for all. Our best wishes for an amazing journey ahead!