Our soul is nothing but energy of our body, and this energy is part of the big energy the white light, so in a way we are all connected to one another all part of the master soul, soul doesn’t have gender nor religion no nationality no race no black n white, a soul takes shelter in a body to come to earth and complete the task given to it to progress, all souls keep on progressing through learning, we are given tasks like winning over greed lust, hunger for power etc, in a life each soul chooses the parents and family to be born in so that such circumstances are created where the soul can fulfill the task given and earth is not the only place where we have experiences and human is not the only form in which we experience,and when souls transcend to another level they might become soul guides and master souls, it’s a continuous process of cycle and recycle, reincarnation is like old wine in a new bottle, we also come back to balance our karma ie pay each other’s debts like two souls who are in debt to each other meets in soul plane under the guidance of the soul council and decide when and where to meet and how to help each other in their learning or to balance karma,this is also called the karmic cycle.

We never actually die nor do we go apart from our dear ones because we meet each other in another life again and again. Souls who fail to complete the given task carry on their task to another birth. Souls attached to each other over many lives are soulmates, a soulmate can be mother father husband siblings, friend, etc and a group of souls is called a soul family, there is also soul contracts which two souls make with each other.
The soul is not good or bad, the people who are judged as bad are souls who did not learn to love till now. The ultimate learning is to learn to love, universal love, the feeling of oneness.

In the journey of a soul, there is Destiny, karma and the free will.
Karma is nothing bad as many of us think it’s just a reaction to our action and a wishful deviation from our path of destiny. When I hit a ball on the wall it comes back to me this is kriya that is karma without emotion but when I slap somebody and feel guilty the karma returns to me as a slap too but with the emotions attached. It’s as simple as every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Coming to destiny and free will, the much-debated topic, all souls have a destiny the goal where it has to reach but while on the path it deviates wishfully to experience more and creates parallel lives for it. It will anyway reach its goal may be sooner or later and while on the journey there are instances where we get to act from our free will which decides our path to our destiny. Like soulmates meet by destiny, what they choose to do after it is their free will and the circumstances created according to the soul contract.
Babies often make expression by seeing a person because they recognize the soul across other lifetimes.

Study of soul is very interesting, whenever I do a past life regression session in spite of the warm temperature of the room suddenly it starts feeling so cold, any of my clients reading this knows what am I referring to, my client shivers and me too and surprisingly it becomes warm just when the session is over..I wonder how many soul guides or souls were there to help the client in his/her journey.
Working with past life therapy gives me immense satisfaction and peace of mind, it’s so self-revealing self-realizing experience for both client and myself, every session surprises me or makes me emotional with that sense of eternal bliss when my clients find their answers and figure out their present situations. Gratitude to all the great work in this field who have inspired me and help me learn.
Wishing you all a great journey. live life, follow your heart, trust your intuitions, do not suppress your inner voice, trust yourself, remember when you love and accept yourself you get loved by others.