tarot card course

Tarot card course

The Tarot deck have the magic to unfold the mysteries of your life, it is a subconscious tool to get an idea of the near future, it helps to get an intuitive guidance to all the spheres of your life. Tarot card course helps you learn to read the cards intuitively and get your daily guidance. Read more about Tarot cards at  Tarot Reading

What do you learn:
Introduction to Tarot cards
Individual cards and meanings
Skills to read Tarot cards
Intuitive reading
Practice readings in our community

Materials provided:

  • pdf of card pictures with meaning and explanation
  • charts about types of readings
  • steps to a successful reading

Why us?

Full-time online support for your queries and backup for your readings

Course fees: 650AED

Special Discounts available, enquire at Contact