self empowerment training

Self Empowerment Training

Everyone has right to live a fulfilled life. How much better can it be when you know you are the creator of your experiences and a Master Manifester. Self Empowerment Training program trains you to create your desired life step by step. Read more at Create your Universe

What you Learn

Laws of manifestation and common loopholes of why people fail to make it work

11 laws of the universe


Basics of tapping

Mirror work

Basics of connecting handwriting skills with the mind

Analyze your signature

Know your personality

Know your partner

How to attract success

Open your chakras and balance your energy to attract money

How to balance your mind and body

Healthy habits and breaking patterns


Access your higher self

Talking to your mind

Basics of utilizing your daily dreams

Tools to support you

Materials provided:
Daily coaching for 1 hr for 21 days
Charts and pdf files

Why us?
Constant full-time support to your queries and mapping your progress.

Course fees: 1250AED
special discount on subscribing to our YouTube channel Save 250 AED.