Life is all about learning and unlearning and again learning new things… change is inevitable and necessary. Nothing is static in this Universe. I was away for a while rediscovering life yet again. I was lucky enough to see many past experiences having closure when I least expected it.


As many healers, my life too went through a series of painful incidents. Every time I took it as a challenge, overcame my fears and started fresh again with positivity until I reached a moment when I realized that happiness and sadness are just relative, Earth is a school of duality so we have life and death, black and white, light and dark, God and evil. You win this and free yourself from this cycle of pain and pleasure once you understand that all are same it’s just another experience.


I became free each day from all the people with whom I had not so good experiences in the past. I could breathe in forgiveness all the time and with more of forgiveness, I felt more of freedom.


For those who face challenges yet, for those who are in uncomfortable situations, for those whose lives are still under somebody else’s control, for those who are still looking for their perfect life forgive yourself and forgive others, forgiveness works miracles.


You also have to reflect and see that instead of blaming the other person for your situation you should think why is this happening to you certainly not blaming yourself but thinking how you got involved in your own misery and it is not important to get the answer of the why but it is important to solve the situation and I am giving you the simplest way to solve it through the famous tradition of Ho’oponopono which says if you direct these simple words ” I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you ” to the Creator, Source, God, Love, Universe whatever you name it can work miracles and solve all your problems. All the unwanted situations will perish naturally.