Isn’t missing a sweet emotion to be felt or perhaps a hurtful moment to be experienced but in either case do we realize what is actually missing somebody?


Well missing somebody is not actually missing the person but the things associated with the person; might be the specific characteristics of the person. The hidden truth is that whatever is missing in our life or within us is the one we tend to miss and so miss the person in whom that part is present which attracts you.


Missing somebody’s care, take a look are you taking enough care of yourself. Missing a colleague may be you need someone to just hear your daily choir. Leaving aside the diagnosis of missing and finding out if you love a person from this topic what we are concerned here is that are you really missing the person or a part of you that is lacking and craving to be fulfilled.


Every relationship is about feeling complete with each other, like a man and woman in love or a child to the mother for nurture and care, a child to the father for security, a student to the teacher for knowledge and so on. Now two people spending a happy time together registers deeper in their mind the experience of happiness associated with the presence of one another and when they are apart mind sends the signal of being incomplete without the other person being around and thus creeps in the feeling of being lonely or missing the other one.


Next time you miss somebody give it a thought what exactly is missing in you that is reminding of the other person. We are born as complete individuals so technically we should never miss anybody because we are self-fulfilled beings. But keeping the emotional attachments away from this topic of discussion when missing somebody seems to be quite painful to handle just take a minute to look within if you are really remembering a person or may be missing a part which you feel you lack and if so boost up yourself to live a fulfilled life because you are always complete.