Do we know what is Healing?? Do we keep searching to be healed ….

Often either we do not know or we tend to forget that we are all born healers. Healing cannot be taught it can only be shared. It is the natural gift we are all born with.

Often we get so busy with our problems issues life and  stress that we forget our inner potential and go on searching for answers outside, what we seek outside is actually present within us. We just need to spend time with ourselves and look inwards.


Several Healing modalities and techniques give us wonderful tools to empower us to get healed, healers do a fascinating job to help us deal with our issues BUT till the time we think and depend on others to get fixed we will be in the same loop forever. To heal ourselves we should at first be ready to welcome the healing and let go of what is not needed by us anymore, let go of what does not serve us any better but can we do that ?    We are actually very comfortable with pain, it gives us an excuse to be the same, to attract sympathy.


We create our universe. Its important to understand why have we created a certain situation which happens to us. Instead of understanding that we tend to blame every other person life God etc but never look within us. We create situations from either our patterns which is repeated over lifetimes or from behavioral patterns created from our childhood, we create situation to gain support or sympathy, to take a break or to prove ourselves, there may be so many reasons yet we fail to understand that all of it lies within us. So if the problem is within us the solution is also within us, it is important for us to spend time with ourselves and connect to our higher self and look for answers within then we will realize the divine guidance provided to us and follow our life path.


Healing is often resisted by ourselves without realizing it or we receive it through a long way during a longer duration of time because we operate from no pain no gain philosophy.


So happy healing to all, spend few minutes with yourself in complete serenity and look through out the day realizing inwards whatever happened to you good or bad why did you create it and welcome healing from the divine light of the universe, healing is very easy to us as we are all blessed child of the universe, we should only learn to trust the process.