We all want to be happy… We spend so much time thinking about the perfect plan, the perfect weekend, perfect outing, perfect companion, and the perfect situation to be happy. After all the planning and investing of time and energy did we actually find that perfect happiness we were looking for. Well for most of us if not all the answer would be No.. This is because we are always finding happiness outside and not within. If we operate from lack and always try to find things that we miss on our inner resource we are eventually going to get us hurt and never achieve what we want to.
So we can never feel that ultimate bliss which we always dreamed of.


I used to always strive for perfection so perfect that many complained that it’s hard to get along with me sometimes but after trying to become the perfect daughter, the perfect doctor, the perfect planner, planning the perfect weekend with my husband, the perfect friend and soon I realized one day when after a long time I had a day off and was sitting on my couch with music and a book looking out from my 39th floor apartment that something was missing from my perfect life, my strive for perfection and my perfect plan to be happy could not give me the eternal bliss I was searching for because I was operating from lack and searching it outside instead of focusing on my inner resource.


Then I realized that this My Time reading a book listening to music watching a movie by myself enjoying the gush of air standing by the window looking at the stars made me so happy. I don’t deny my friends and family, I am not saying you cannot have fun with them but it’s needless to plan a weekend to be happy, to play a good wife to be happy, a happy life comes most importantly with time to oneself, realizing one’s relationship to his/herself, that’s the primary relation we forget, if that relationship is strong enough and fulfilled rest everything falls into place, the outer world is much happier space when there are internal peace and bliss. Love yourself more than anything else then automatically you are more lovable by others and you can love others with a whole heart. If you are not fulfilled inside you can’t pour enough from an empty cup.


So make some time for yourself today and do some of your simple but favourite things that you like, that you might not have done for a while, that you might have forgotten, live the child in you and love it passionately, let it have fun and breathe in happiness with every breath you take, live light….


Be happy always, you got to trust it’s easy.