Though Shakespeare had said what is in a name, his famous quote “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” but the Science of Numerology shows how our names plays a vital and perhaps the most important role in deciding our life purpose, characteristics, talents, behavior, way of conduct, long-term relationships, success and all the aspects of our life.


In many cultures, the naming ceremony of a child is a very ritual based grand celebration and this actually traces back to the concept that name is a very important thing to be decided in a person’s life. Parents are not the only ones who decide the name for the child it is said that the powers of the universe actually act upon them while deciding the name.


Well we all know we are born with a purpose, there is a journey of our soul and our name is just another part of this concept. Its influence on us is profound because that is how we are primarily recognized, it carries our identity, we are always referred to by our name so always reacting with the sound vibration of the name which acts to the level of our DNA hence while creating our realities name plays a vital role.


The power of a person, his hidden talents, how he would behave during an interview, whether he is romantic, how successful can he become can all be read from his name and if there is a weaker part of his life which he is struggling with can be  made better by simple changes in the letters of the name to change the numerological value of the name and thus enhancing its effects. This is what is popularly followed by many media person while deciding the name of a mega tv show or daily soap. Even the businessmen refer to numerologists for deciding the name of their project to enhance its success. Long term relationships can be achieved by matching the names and its vibrations of the partners. The numerological calculation of the letters of the name shows the purpose of our lives and our talents to support it and when our innate behavior goes hand in hand with our purpose and talents there is inner peace and success is easily achieved.


With the growing age of short forms and the present trend we often change our names fashionably to a more cooler easier funky shorter version but how cool it may look studies say that the more we are called by this shorter name the more we are changing the original vibration of our full name and acting as the characteristics of our short meaningless name that does not carry the precious attributes of our whole name. For example, my name Stabania which is very rare and has wonderful meaning and qualities could not be pronounced by many and was shortened to Stab which is not soothing at all and needs no mention that it has no qualities of Stabania. So next time you shorten your name give it a thought!! Shorter names also carry less power than names which are long and heavy though it depends on individual cases. To know more about your name and its effects on your relationship success and talents you can get your personal reading done at heal eternity or mail to So have a good day all of you and happily and proudly keep calling your Name. Love to all.