Every thought conscious or unconscious is very important. Our thoughts create our reality may it be the condition of our body or our environment. Every situation we face starting from our health to our experiences is  something we have given permission to consciously or unconsciously, and how ridiculous it may sound when we think did we create cancer or assault or something so bad that happens to us ..well we are aware of only a droplet of the vast world that exists beyond our knowledge and knowingness is a major tool with which we can start solving our issues. Thoughts manifest with the help pf emotions attached to it and the energy supported but for the time being let’s understand only thoughts to start with.


The first and foremost thing that we should be aware of is our thoughts. There is a common saying: ‘look before you leap’ and here you should remember to think before you even think. Throughout the day there are numerous thoughts projected from our mind every second may be nano second, some positive some negative that is creating a positive or negative experience for us. Now an experience is just an experience when there is no judgement so actually there is no positive or negative and we all live to have all types of experiences, well that’s a different topic altogether of a different level, lets get our basics right first.


So coming back to thoughts, sometimes it can be so simple as oh I wish I could get a day off and suddenly we get that cold and fever, then we think it was the ice cream I had but we don’t realize that we have just manifested one of our thoughts and attracted a day off for us with the excuse of getting sick. Well again there might be other contributing factors to the cold and fever also but just sticking here to a simple example of how a simple thought can manifest what we want through a circumstances created by us consciously or unconsciously and that is why in some families it is taught with a common belief that if by slip of tongue you say something that should not happen you should withdraw it 3 times, well I learned that as a child and later on came to know that it is very scientific to at least simply withdraw if you have thought something crooked for you.


Now we can only be aware of our conscious thinking however 90 percent of our mind is made up of the unconscious or the subconscious that is beyond our control and common understanding. All the actions we do like talking writing picking up something is conscious effort however we are breathing through out the day without consciously thinking to breath, our heart keeps beating even when we are sleeping as these all are controlled unconsciously.Unconscious mind is a store house of facts, the history of our genes, past lives etc and our lives are very much under the influence of our past lives as we already have stated so many diseases in medical science as genetic disorders and the prognosis of which is medical treatment is not very good. So a condition like diabetes might be related with a simple thought that you cannot taste enough sweetness in life or a struggle to get married in this life might be a manifestation of a promise in some other lifetime that I will never get married. Changing this unconscious programming needs understanding and support of a professional so if you are facing such a challenge which you could not find an an answer to, you can seek professional help but at least from now you can start with simple changes like if you have a right leg pain think are you struggling to put your best foot forwards, do you have to make a move or a left leg pain so are you tired of carrying on something, or a shoulder pain are you taking extra burden, or a back pain are you supported enough.


First of all to have a healthy body a healthy mind is very much necessary and to keep your mind stress free you can exercise, practice mindfulness or conscious breathing , yoga, meditation, listening to soft music, etc. And if you are going through any physical or mental challenge the first simple thing to do is saying to yourself every day and making yourself believe that I am fine I am good I am healthy I have a wonderful day filled with amazing experiences surrounded by lovely people, my life is so easy comfortable and fulfilling, I am thankful to the universe for supporting me always. Immediately as you start your day with thoughts like this there is so much abilities created to receive the best from the nature, to create abundance of health wealth and happiness. So spend few minutes at night with yourself thinking about the experiences you had throughout the day to think how you could have made it better and start your day with loads of good thoughts and of course for deeper issues get help to enhance your knowingness. Live healthy Stay blessed. Love to all.