A change or the decision to change is a choice. If a person feels life has to change the first step towards it would be the choice he /she makes to accept the change. Whether it’s abuse or love, lack of money or abundance, loneliness or depression we are very comfortable in our known zone so unconsciously we resist change. Consciously we may want to be a millionaire but to accept a million dollars might not be very comfortable for our mind because it’s a huge amount which we are not used to seeing daily so how happy we might feel thinking about it but it’s a shock for our mind to accept it and likewise every time unconsciously we might resist a change we desire for. A change comes from two parts the conscious effort and the subconscious response. We have to take the first responsible step to make the choice to decide for us whether we want the change or not and if we are firm on our decision then there are many tools to change the subconscious programming of our mind and bring that change.


 This first step sounds easy and you would be wondering what is there to decide about it, shouldn’t I want to be the happiest? I know I want to be happy rich loved successful … but sorry to disappoint you the brutal truth is we do not decide enough for us… happiness is a choice, success is a choice, and you would say that what not under the sun I have tried to do to be happy and you say it’s a choice , Yes it is .. just give yourself a moment to think what would make you insanely happy and now think how much of your time have you ever devoted to it.. think about your relation , is it working , if not don’t you already know it then why are you stretching it and dragging it and then you dream of a perfect relationship but did you make a decision to not to compromise anymore and take a step towards changing what is not working. Truly speaking we are all afraid of change , to even step out of our comfort zone is a difficult task to follow.. once you decide that no one can be more important than you, that your happiness love success is in your hands and you can decide and make the choice, there will be the support of the universe destiny and everything possible to make the shift happen.. the main power lies in your intention imagination and enthusiasm to change and when you are expecting so much for your life to change even the universe will make things happen to your expectancy..


So the first step is to decide for the change and make the choice for yourself


The second step would be if you can imagine what you want it becomes a reality


 The third step is adding your conscious efforts and energy and enthusiasm to it

Fourth is to take help of the tools available, seek the guidance of an expert or adviser to find out how to remove the blocks.

Fifth, gratitude to the universe and realize its constant support and help.

Wishing all a good change, a happy life filled with love, success and good health…