From some time I have been getting this question from many that did I experience God! Maybe for some of my old friends, it was difficult to accept my sudden transformation from a hardcore dental surgeon to a spiritual psychotherapist discovering miraculous healing, understanding the meaning of life, helping others find inner peace and live a balanced life. So were they right? Was this transformation because I suddenly encountered God and raised to a different level of enlightenment?


I do agree that I went through a series of emotional struggle to find a deeper meaning of life but I was fortunate enough not to face any major situation like a divorce, or a near death accident or a bankruptcy and that is why I have mentioned many times in my writing that to become a healer it is not mandatory to face the worst of your life and that your limit of worst is different from others.


So what was really behind my transformation was my simple decision to live a more fulfilled life. I just thought to myself one day that when I die and look back what are the things I can count as my achievements from this life and to my surprise nothing made sense to me, none of my medals, nor my certificates, my degree or my highest marks, may be up to some extent remembering the things I did for my friends and the success of the treatment of my patients made me feel happy but not achievement enough, my love and family is an asset and definitely not my achievement, so I started my search of true happiness and each day from then I discovered something fascinating that I shared with the world. My thought patterns were changing every day, my abilities extended its limits, and gradually I was finding a deeper happiness and a true sense of living life. It is then that I did experience God!


I experience God when I see someone smile

I experience God when I spread my learning that might enlighten someone else

I experience God when my tears flow in empathy of another’s pain

I experience God when I can support someone through their struggle

I experience God in all the creations tiny to huge, in all the emotions, in pain and pleasure, in detachment and desire.


To experience God you need not be a priest, monk or saint, you need not have studied the Bible, the Quran, or Bhagwad Gita, you do not have to meditate or focus on opening your third eye, you do not need to fast or take part in offerings, though all the above can be potential means for many but experiencing God is simple, as simple as breathing, and can happen any moment like when you look at the flowers with appreciation, when you notice the plants nod their head in the wind, when you spend those moments of complete silence, when you look at the shape of the clouds in the sky, when you at the mirror and smile, when you thank your parents, when you look at others with respect, compassion, and love, when you care for your fellow beings and when you wake up every morning with new hope for a better life. Share love spread smiles and keep experiencing God every moment.

My gratitude to all the readers.