Yesterday was Easter and I saw everybody going to Church. Personally, I am not very fond of religious rituals but I do enjoy celebrations so I thought of visiting the mass too. When the mass was about to end, the calling for prayer from the Mosque beside had already started. Normally people do not like if prayers from two faiths intermingle at the same time leaving you a bit defocused but I am not a follower of any religion so I was listening to both and in that mixture of mass songs, communion service and adhan/ezan/azan [ call for worship in Islam] I sensed an immense peace of mind, a unique sense of tranquility, a sense of holiness, as sense of fulfillment. Both were a call to God by thousands of people, only the ways were different. I just thought to myself is it so difficult to understand this simple thing that we follow different paths wanting to reach the same destination. Why do we have to fight over religious differences, can a man save something so big as a religion instead we should focus on saving another man and not kill him.

Time has made me encounter religions of all types around the world and I have tried to learn the good from all. I follow my spiritual guides and believe in the all powerful source of the Universe because naming religion as a part of my identity has never attracted me. So when I was tired of filling up ‘name of the religion’ column in official forms one fine day I just started writing “Humanity” as my religion. From that day onwards whenever I have to fill up a form, in the name of the religion column I write Humanity. Many a time I am asked and several times they ignore it but I have never been asked not to write it or compelled to mention one of the religious practices in particular ever again. So I thought how wonderful it would have been if we could all write humanity as our only religion and under that big umbrella of humanity we might be a Hindu Christian Muslim Buddhist and we might continue celebrating our occasions perform our rituals follow our norm but it would not be the main identity of us as a person.

Can we bring this change when we look at a person just as another person with compassion with love and with humanity. Can Humanity be our only name of religion without renouncing any of the practices we do. Many years ago I happened to come across a stranger and I wanted to know more about him so I kept asking questions to which he just replied I am S********( name kept confidential) and I am a human being. This man is now my husband and I still respect his humbleness simplicity and resolved approach towards life. Over time I have realized that my identity comes from me, not my family name, not my social status, not my assets, not my relationships, and not my religion, I am Stabania and I am just a human being.

Best wishes to all, have a wonderful time!