Hello to all, hope you have started your day well and doing good, as I have introduced myself before I’m a therapist and I’m here to share my learning and understanding with all so that the journey of our lives progress together.

Now when I say things like the journey of life you may be startled thinking about what is it about. Just give yourself a moment and think that did you ever think of why you were born what is the purpose of your life, it may sound irrelevant or boring sometimes but just think if our purpose of life was to achieve our goals be rich have a great family then why don’t we feel that eternal happiness even after achieving many of the things why do we strive for more what decides what should be achieved and if we are such achievers why aren’t we honored with prize of immortality.
Life is more than anything we can imagine, it’s more than grabbing the morning breakfast checking out the daily news fulfilling the targets getting the sensex go high bringing up your kids taking care of your parents household work etc, yes we do have more to life than attending the emergencies in case of  a doctor or conducting the examination in case of a teacher or giving the presentation in case of a corporate, there is more than your family your kids your spouse your friends. So why are we doing these daily choirs, that’s because we work to earn, we earn to have a good living and more essentially good food, because the food is the most necessary thing to survive, so we all are engaged in this race of survival for existence. Then what is this more to life, it is the actual purpose of life, why you are here. You are not here to just eat sleep and survive you survive to attain your purpose, the purpose of your birth.
I’m not any spiritual teacher or linguistic expert so I will use simple language as I understand it to reach out to you just for the sake of enlightenment because by progressing each other we progress ourselves. So I believe in sharing my knowledge and to illuminate. So coming back to the purpose of life how will you get to know your purpose. For that let us start with our body. We are all aware of our physical body and our brain. Some of us are medically trained too regarding the functions of the brain and the autonomous and semi-autonomous functions of the nervous system and how the different organs of the body work. With all the researches and advancement in medical science there still arise cases where no treatment work out and patients do not recover with surgery or medicine their complaint doesn’t co-relate with the investigations, I being in this profession too with all due respect to it I sometimes fail to understand why a patient is presenting with a complaint of discomfort while swallowing when the ENT surgeon says no abnormality detected or why there is a chronic pain in a muscle and none of the orthopedic or physiotherapist could help it. This is because our body apart from all the physical components has a spiritual and mental component too.
Now that we know that we have a spirit or soul and a mind let us understand more about it. What is a soul, well you can state it as a driving force or energy necessary to keep us alive, so a body decomposes when the soul leaves it.
So now we have a body and a brain and we have a soul and a mind. We take lot of care of our body, we supply it food, it stores some and it excretes some in form of waste and this is how it survives, then what about the soul, do we feed it too.
The soul feeds on only knowledge and experiences. It stores them in the mind and evaporates the waste in the form of dreams. The soul is an important part as without it the candle of our life extinguishes.
So now we know that the soul stores it’s experiences in the mind let’s get to know how the mind is.
The mind is formed of a conscious mind and a subconscious mind previously known as unconscious but later as they found that this part of mind never sleeps it is always aware they named it as subconscious. So the conscious mind is responsible for 90 percent of the functions we perform the logical reasoning the institutions the thought process but it occupies only 10 percent of the whole mind structure, while the other 90 percent of the mind structure is formed by the subconscious mind which is responsible for only 10 percent of the functions. So what is this function, well the subconscious mind functions in only storing the experiences in the form of images, so it acts as a big store house and keeps storing all our experiences and there is a part called the primitive mind where all the past life memories are stored. So whatever we experience throughout the day gets stored in the conscious mind and when we sleep the necessary information passes through a filter into the subconscious mind and is stored there and the unnecessary evaporates as dreams. So there is a big lock to this storehouse and we cannot access it consciously however we try. Only through deep meditation we can reach just the shallow upper level of it. So where is the key to this lock?

Hypnosis is the tool to access our subconscious mind and open it to go deeper down and search necessary information which can help loosen our daily problems in life.
So now the question arises why at all should we bother thinking about the subconscious mind. The answer lies within you, just steal yourself a moment to think of the times you asked yourself why me, why is this happening to me, when you felt your relationships are not perfect ,that you could achieve more in your work ,that you didn’t get praised when you deserved it so much, that you instantly bond with someone on the first meeting and you cannot gel with someone even after giving it a million of trying or have you made yourself understand that life is like this it goes on like this, nothing can change I have to accept it as it comes. If you felt any of these anytime you should access your subconscious mind and frankly there shall be no one on this planet who doesn’t face any of these who why what how in his mind. When we access our mind for the answers and storm of the question marks in our life resolves our life becomes much lighter and brighter. Everything falls into place, we become zenaholic from workaholic we can achieve our goals better make our relationships better and fight or diseases better. In short accessing the inner soul or the subconscious mind helps us getting a healthy body n soul n lifestyle altogether.
Our life is full of misery as we fail to resolve the mystery of why. We may have a thyroid issue or a kidney stone, we may have an issue with our parents or kids or spouse, we may have several broken relationships, we may not be a career achiever, why is it so? All the answers lie within you deep inside your subconscious mind and can be resolved from there through positive suggestions and then this becomes what is known as hypnotherapy. I would not vote in saying it as alternate medicine as many do but I would prefer calling it conjugate medicine because I think no science is complete without each other and when knowledge is combined it gives best of both.
The filter which I talked about earlier between the conscious and the subconscious is reinforced with our values culture social religious teachings which allow information to pass only if it’s relevant accordingly so sometimes in a more conservative society the person has the tendency to repeat the same patterns as it has been believed for ages. On the contrary whatever we visualize goes straight inside the subconscious mind without filtering so we are greatly influenced by the type of movies we see, the advertisements, etc.

Sometimes your problem can be related to some changes that occurred without you realizing or being aware of it in this lifetime or sometimes it is through a learning of a past lifetime, in this context I would like to say that there are faiths which do not believe in past lives,with all due respect to them I would say you don’t have to struggle to change your belief though I can give you examples from the old testimonials where they mention about several lives or give examples of my client recalling their past lives or references from Dr. Brian Weiss studies and work but I’m not here to do so,  just think of the fact that everything around us is constantly changing nothing is stagnant, our body too ages and finally decomposes but the soul never dies, energy cannot be created nor destroyed remember from our laws of physics, so what happens to this soul it can get attached to the master soul or the ultimate white light for which it has to complete all the tasks it has been given, it has to advance and progress, since so much is hard to achieve in a lifetime it goes out to dwell in another body and many other till it has reached a level to unite with the master soul, in a word the driver changes cars and continues its journey towards the white light. This is the reason why you felt so intimately familiar with a stranger sometimes because our souls recognize each other. We all are going through many journeys and meet each other again and again.

So now we can comprehend all what we just learned and understand that if we access the subconscious mind we shall know the causes of all our problems the root to our diseases and the purpose of our life, once we can consciously be aware of how much we learned and how much more work is necessary to unite with the white light we can progress our journey better.
Through hypnotherapy, we can reach to the root of a problem and heal it and make our lives easier smoother lighter and brighter.
Wishing you all love n light.
Take care and have a wonderful day ahead.