Freedom is a wonderful energy, in fact, the most essential energy may you consider in your relationship, finance, family, work or yourself to say the least….


 Are you Free or are you just freely available? And as funny as it sounds but most of the times we are just freely available to all the criticism, blame, burden put on us and we happily offer our shoulders don’t we? We take in all that does not even belong to us, all that keeps storing and makes our soul feel chained, all that takes away the peace of mind and let us feel terribly unhappy.


Well, it’s human nature to step into roles, to let the ego speak loud, to blame each other and in turn be blamed, to judge and let judged… Just think of the innumerable situations from your childhood when you just kept taking the blame and the number of times you felt criticized. Taking responsibility is a wonderful thing provided it’s without any self-blame or blame from others. Everyone should take charge of one’s own life but not criticize neither be a subject to criticism.


The best thing to do in such moments is to let go and walk away from such situations which disturb your inner peace and if you cannot ignore a situation solve it once forever till a point where you will no longer be affected by its outcome instead you can just be with the flow. Let the tug of war end, there is no win or lose its just experiencing duality in the school of the earth for which we all are here, to play our roles and to learn our lessons. When you understand this and you surrender that is when you get in touch with your inner bliss and what a beautiful feeling that is…


 Did you ever try to play a soft soothing music and just be with yourself and with your hands spread just spin slowly feeling the white divine light falling on you and taking away all the blame criticism patterns blocks everything that doesn’t belong to you everything that holds you behind letting go all the chains that bind you and feeling that sense of ultimate freedom in you where you are one with the divine without any judgement, you are one with the universe the very power that created you and oh what a bliss is to feel this…    This is what the Sufi saints do when they dance spinning and praising the ultimate power and this is how we unchain all that binds us, let go everything and become free.. you can just sit in silence in solitude and just imagine the white light falling on you from above and imagine yourself to be in this vortex of white light that is turning around you and taking away all the blame criticism curse negative emotions all that is blocking your way to be happy , surrender all that to the white light  and you will feel so light and sense freedom in your relationship…Let the universe be your provider and let mother nature be your nurturer and you shall sense the financial freedom you had been always searching for…. Look for love within and not search outside, feel complete by yourself instead of finding completeness with others and you will sense the freedom the love you have always craved for in your partner or family…you are the god of yourself and God is right within you the power lies within you because you are one with God, rest all is an illusion….