What is a Past Life & past life regression therapy?

According to some faith, incarnation exists and some others believe that the same soul cannot reincarnate. Well, both are correct. Both the schools of thought actually lead to the same concept rather in different routes. To understand the concept of different lives or past life regression therapy, let us take a jug of water and pour it into 5 glasses made of different metals like steel, copper, brass, silver, gold. Label them as A B C D E.

Hence the jug represents the source and the glasses are the different physical containers or bodies. They have different names or identities which now contain a part of the same source in it. Now let it be there for some time. The water in each glass will interact differently with the different metal. Now pour back the water from the glasses into the jug and pour back again from the jug into each glass.

Can you pour the same water from the copper glass exactly back to it? Obviously not because water from the respective glasses got mixed up once poured back to the jug. Furthermore, when you pour back water into supposing glass A (copper), it has some from each glass. It also has the element of the metal it reacted with.

Similarly, a soul coming into a given body is exposed to different experiences and after the physical death goes back to the source to come back again but it does not remain exactly the same soul. This is evolution as nothing in Universe is constant, everything is changing and is in constant motion.

Concept of Parallel Life

We see time as linear but the concept of time is circular in the soul plane. Everything co exists there and this means splits of the main soul are having different experiences at the same time. Therefore, when a person has the perception of a life in the 18th century is supposed to be co-living this life in the 21st century and many more lives similarly. To understand this better one has to go through the researches of life between lives and parallel realities brought into light by many therapists around the globe.

Most noteworthy, this information is not about believing changing your belief system, it is not about challenging your concepts, it is just about utilizing this idea which has worked for many to make it work for yourself to get rid of your issues. Finally, if this therapy can help us get a win situation in our existing lives then why not embrace it.

Some recorded benefits of a past life regression therapy are:

1.Freedom from chronic illness and pain.
2.Better relationships
3.Increased wisdom and understanding of life
4.Increased capacity to live a better life
5.Remembering and utilizing talents from another life
6.Feel the bliss to unite with the source
7.Balance Karma
8.Understand purpose of life and destiny
9.Increased manifestation and mindfulness

Some myths about the session:

*Losing control of oneself: You have full control of yourself and also awareness during the session
*Time travel physically: You are on the chair in the clinic through out the session not going anywhere
*Therapist narrating a story: No story or pre conception will be provided to you. It is your experience and your story and it shall be revealed through you from your narration on the spot as the session continues.
*Ill effects post session: There are no side effects from the session guided by a professional past life regression therapist.

How is Heal Eternity special?

At Heal Eternity we combine the medical facts with spiritual science and metaphysics to transcend traditional methods and achieve amazing results for our clients. Years of experience in past life regression therapy has made this our expertise. Our core values of honesty, transparency, dedication, and passion make us our client’s favorite always.

How to take your first step towards your healing?

The first step towards your healing is deciding to heal. Any change starts with a decision. So your decision to stop living the same way can open a whole new world in front of you. Hence contact us here or click the book appointment button. Since we understand your concern, we are here to answer all your query in the FREE 30 mins consultation. Furthermore, you can opt for an absolutely free consultation about your issue with our expert. We believe wellness is for all. Our best wishes for an amazing healing journey ahead!