What is Metaphor therapy?

Our mind communicates through pictures. So when we draw something using only colors we tend to metamorphically draw out our mind. Science shows that the major part, about 90 % of our mind is the subconscious. Moreover, the subconscious is a store house of our experiences in the form of images. Everything happening to us is actually a result of the projection of our belief formed from our previous experience. Therefore we tend to repeat the same pattern again and again. Also, keep on facing similar challenges if this is not resolved. Drawing is an extremely helpful tool to analyze these patterns and blocks in a person’s life. This also brings out his real personality. Where as the Metaphor Therapy is removing these blocks and resolving the issues for a better life.

How can you benefit from it? How can we help?

At Heal Eternity we take it from the analysis to the resolution through interactive sessions. It helps the client to identify the blocks or issues and how to deal with them. We have an extremely reliable support system always at your service. You can expect brilliant improvement and enlightenment following the session. Metaphor therapy can also help you in taking your decisions whenever you feel standing at a crossroad. Moreover, it works effectively with fears and phobias, stress management, public speaking and childhood traumas. Especially, in children where a faster and comfortable communication is necessary, this is extremely beneficial. It is more effective in comparison to psychotherapy.

How to take your first step towards your healing?

We appreciate your interest in wellness. It takes courage to decide to seek help and get healed. Any change starts with a decision. So, your decision can open a whole new world in front of you. Hence, contact us here or click on the book appointment button to get in touch. We understand your concern. So we are here to answer all your queries in a FREE 30 mins consultation with one of our experts. We believe that wellness is our basic right. Thus, it should be available to all. Our best wishes for your journey ahead!