What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and awareness in an altered state of mind with enhanced capacity to receive suggestion. It is purely a Science but hypnotizing people is an Art too. Hypnosis mainly falls under two schools of thought. The Eastern method is used in stage hypnosis like we see in magic shows. While the Western method deals with the altered state of consciousness. Here the mind becomes receptive to suggestions. Hence, increases the capacity of the body to function better. It also improves mental health. Hypnotherapy for stress reduces anxiety and stress leading to a better life. In hypnotherapy, we use the western method to reach the subconscious mind and produce the desired results.

Hypnotherapy for stress

Hypnotherapy for stress is particularly effective dealing with performance issues, anxiety and exam tension. It gives effective solutions for successful results. The mind and the body are trained to relax even in stressful conditions.

How can you benefit from it?

Hypnotherapy empowers you with better understanding. It helps you get rid of stress, depression, anxiety, fear, and phobias. It works great in skin disorders and various physical diseases. You can solve your issue of short temperament, bed wetting, and migraine. Deal with post traumatic anxiety and weight issues. Stop smoking and other addictions. Moreover, it gives you strength to stop being a victim. It also increases self-confidence and self-esteem. Helps in pre-birth relaxation and enhances sports performance.

A hypnotherapist uses guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness. This helps to reach the desired results in the client’s life.

Some clarifications:

1. Children are more imaginative and less resistant so can be easily hypnotized.
2. This is safe in pregnancy though we do not recommend it if not absolutely necessary.
3. A person under hypnosis during the session is in full control of himself. He is totally aware of the surrounding. In fact, his awareness is increased than normal.
4. This is not sleeping but it is similar to it. Mostly, like a deeper sleep with eyes are closed. But you are fully aware of your surroundings.
5. This is not done to retrieve evidence of any past incident. Whatever you experience through your mind are the incidents of your life. But it is your perception that we focus on. Thus, it helps you deal with the past. Hence, bring positive results in the future.

How is Heal Eternity special?

At Heal Eternity we combine the traditional methods with new interactive ways. This is through years of experience in this work. We always support our clients through out the sessions and even after that for any query that comes up. We walk you through your experiences for better understanding and enlightenment. Also, empower you to handle your situations independently in the future. Our core values of honesty, transparency, dedication, and passion make us our client’s favorite every time.

How to take your first step towards your healing?

We appreciate your courage to seek help. Any change starts with a decision. Your decision to stop living the same way can open a whole new world in front of you. So contact us here or click on the book appointment button to get in touch. We know your concern. So we are here to answer all your queries in the FREE 30 mins consultation with one of our experts. We believe that wellness is our right. So it should be available to all. Our best wishes for an amazing journey ahead!