To understand Entity Release let us know about soul fragment and spirit.

Understanding entity release might be an interesting concept. The science behind life and death along with studies about consciousness explains the soul-mind-body complex. Soul fragment is the part of the consciousness of a living person that attaches in the aura or energy space of another. The number of soul fragments attached to you makes you feel tired and drained out.

On the other hand, an entity is the soul or spirit of a deceased person. Probably because after the death of the physical body it could not escape in time through the Bardo to reach its appropriate place in the Universe. Hence it got stuck on the Earth plane as an earthbound soul. Furthermore, entities also get stuck in a place, home, car, etc. Also in particular things like swords used during ancient wars ie preserved as an antique. It attaches to a person for various reasons. Either for fulfilling an unfinished business or out of love with the intention to take care.

The person may be totally unaware and symptomless in his daily life depending on the age the spirit has joined in the body. For example, children are more vulnerable to such situations and they can grow up being totally unaware of any external force present in their body. They become accustomed to such energy like their own energy. Adults may feel this sudden interference of unwanted energy as physical discomfort like chest pain. Other symptoms might be weird behavior, change of personality, mental confusion, sleep disorder or nightmares.

What is a dark force?

A dark force is a little tricky one to deal with. It is an entity of either dark origin or lost soul utilized to fulfill a mission. We are unaware of many energies and forms that exist in the Universe. Though we do not want to believe their existence the fact remains the same. People harm each other for selfish reasons taking help from such souls. This is how black magic works. It is completely curable.

Finally, if you are suffering from unknown reasons, if something in your house does not feel right, if your relationships are falling apart in-spite of trying everything, if you have an unknown fear, if you cannot find enough logical reason for your physical or mental sufferings then it’s time to seek help.

How will this knowledge help you?

Cases have shown that the trapped souls wish to get free from the body or place or object of attachment. They need to continue their journey. So the more the time passes the difficulty increases in them to sustain in this plane. Hence, this is a noble work, nothing dramatic as shown in movies. It is helping just like helping another person. It might be someone you know, sometimes a close relative or might be someone unknown who had a life and family just like you.

At Heal Eternity a therapist will guide you through the process in your awareness and with your permission. Thereafter you can identify the energy distortion acting in your field and release it to its appropriate place in the Universe. Years of experience has shown miraculous resolution of current issues and extreme enlightenment of the mind through this process.

How can Heal Eternity help you better?

We provide a scientific approach free from religious beliefs and without rituals. This is based on knowledge of metaphysics to easily and effortlessly free you from unwanted energies. Especially, the sessions are interactive, free flowing, absolutely safe and enlightening. We are not here to prove the existence or non-existence of anything. Our client’s mental, physical and social well-being is our only concern. We constantly support you after the session for further query. Our core values of honesty, transparency, dedication, and passion always make us our client’s favorite.

How to take your first step towards your healing?

Congratulations for your courage to take your first step towards healing. Any change starts with a decision. Your decision can open a whole new world in front of you. So get in touch by filling the form at Contact or by clicking on the book appointment button. We understand your anxiety. So we are here to answer all the queries in the FREE 30 mins consultation. Avail an absolutely free consultation with our expert whether you book a paid session or not. We believe wellness should be available to all. Our best wishes for an amazing journey ahead!