What is Chakra?

Anatomically we have organs, glands, muscle, bone, blood, which make up our physical body. Similarly, our energy body consists of the seven major chakras and numerous minor chakras. The word Cha-kra originates from the meaning ‘center of energy’. Moreover, chakras are the centers of spiritual power or psychic abilities in a human body. Furthermore, research shows that the functioning of the major endocrine glands of our body is under the energetic influence of the Chakras. So any block in the flow of the energy at the Chakra level can cause severe illness in the physical body. Thus Chakra Energy Healing enables a balanced body and mind. Hence, a person with well-balanced Chakras is seen to have great focus at work, less stress, amazing health, mental peace, good relationships, successful opportunities, and greater manifesting power.

Methods for Chakra Energy Healing and Balancing.

1. Affirmations:
There are specific affirmations for each of the major chakras to heal and balance it.
Eg. Crown Chakra block: ” I am open to Universal guidance”.

2. Binaural beat or sound healing:
Special notes can enhance the proper functioning of the chakras. Sound through binaural beats or gong or Tibetan bowls can be used. Similarly, a soothing music can also have a profound effect in balancing the same.

3. Colors/ Art:
A piece of art or color can influence the vibration, eg: red color for the root chakra and the yellow for the solar plexus.

4. Energy healing:
All modalities of energy healing work through the chakras thus balances it.

5. Crystals or chakra stones:
Crystals and natural stones. They maintain the proper functioning by unblocking it from unwanted energies, eg. clear quartz generator. There are specific stones for particular chakra, eg: amethyst for the crown chakra.

6. Meditation with special sound pronunciation:
Meditating with specific sound pronunciation can effectively balance the chakras. Eg: Pronouncing Om for the Crown Chakra balancing.

Chakra Balancing Workshop

What is aura? Why is it necessary to clean our aura?

Aura is the visual representation of the energy body surrounding the physical body perceived as a colorful light. An imbalanced Chakra or a diseased body or a disturbed mind will show up in the aura in terms of discrepancy in the color shape or size. It might also represent as a break or breach in the continuity of the outline. The changes in one’s aura indicate dense or negative energy interference. Our Aura should be closed containing our own energies only to function well.

Aura polluted with other energies should be cleansed. Further, closing it will protect oneself from the harmful effects of other energies. It is similar to the situation when you keep away the cell phone during sleep but the background apps still keep running to drain the power. Similarly, you might be sleeping for 8 hrs yet wake up with tiredness, feel unenthusiastic or drag yourself at work.

A guided session by an integrated therapist can clean your aura.

What are Crystals? How do they influence us?

Crystals are supposed to be the first form of life on Earth. They possess the ability to disappear totally [with the physical part] once their purpose is over. They can absorb negative force and break to balance the environment they are in. Though it might sound something strange, it is true. I also could not believe it until I experienced.
They reflect the light of the Universe. So specific crystals have specific healing abilities, eg: a Selenite can clean the aura by sucking away the negative energies and closing it.

How is Heal Eternity special?

At Heal Eternity we combine the best of nature and the spiritual knowledge with the scientific approach for chakra energy healing. Our clients are given the chakra energy healing tools to work on every day for a permanent balanced life. Our core values of honesty, transparency, dedication, and passion make us our client’s favorite.

How to take your first step towards your healing?

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