distance energy healing

What is Healing and Energy Healing?

How does distance energy healing work?

Healing is a natural phenomenon of the body to get back to its originality. We are all born healers. Therefore, it’s natural for our body to heal itself with proper coordination of mind and brain. We are just not bodies, we are much more to it. We are a combination of physical body, mind, energy, soul, and the astral body. Thus a thought created in the mind, visualized by the brain and energized by our intentions will become our reality. Any disease has its root to a thought that we had and how we felt about it. Our energy body feels it and our physical body manifests it. So to heal our diseases we have to heal our energy body and that is how energy healing works.

Distance Energy Healing works beyond the limits of time and space. Science has shown that no space is empty. Emptiness too has particles in it that can exist and vanish at a rapid speed. So it is present and absent at a given time. Therefore we are all connected by the particles that exist in the space between us. In distance energy healing I project the energy from my time and space. It easily travels to the diseased body that is present somewhere else. It works even if you are not aware of it at that time.

Who is a healer?  Why do you need one?

How to choose your healer?

The capacity of healing is within all of us but we have forgotten our true potential. This is because we have lost or disrupted our connection with our Source. Healing ourselves and others is natural yet we struggle with diseases. Hence, we run for help. The worst is when we end up getting transient help from those who do not empower us to get back our true potential. In the long run, we submit ourselves to that person who we think is powerful than us. We do need the help of a healer at the beginning when we are struggling with the disease. But later we have to know how to heal ourselves.

So choosing your healer is no different than choosing a medical practitioner like sometimes you see a doctor with many degrees but less practical skills and sometimes you get both. Choosing a healer is the feeling that connects you to him/her. Your intuition tells you that this is it. The person who will reconnect you with your true self. In the process, you will get in touch with your inner light and wisdom.

How is Heal Eternity special?

At Heal Eternity we provide a unique way of healing where there is no ritual or religious practice involved, it can be accessed for any physical or emotional issue. Pure healing from the Universe where the healer’s ego is not attached, the healer acts as a witness to the interaction between the person to be healed and the Universe, the Source. Through years of work, we have witnessed miraculous healing and recovery of people around the globe with our simple yet effective approaches that have resulted from years of study, knowingness, and getting in touch with our true essence. Our core values of honesty, transparency, dedication, and passion make us our client’s favorite always.

How to take your first step towards your healing?

Taking the first step is often a brave choice. Mostly it is the decision to seek help. Any change comes with a decision. Hence, your decision to stop living the same way can open new doors for you. Thereafter, you can fill in the form at Contact or click on the book appointment button to get in touch with us. Since we understand your concern, we offer a FREE 30 mins consultation to answer your queries. You can also opt for an absolutely free consultation about the issue with our experts regardless of whether you book a paid session or not. We believe well-being is our birth right and should be available to all. Our best wishes for an amazing journey ahead!