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Our clients are based worldwide so we offer long distance healing sessions. Furthermore, we have a  24 hrs online support. In addition, we offer a FREE consultation to all.




About our Founder

Being a dental surgeon, Dr. Stabania began her career in 2008. Especially, she had an interest in western medicine. While continuing her practice in dentistry a series of incidents occurred in her life that forced her to look beyond. Being inquisitive as always she started to find out more about the mystery of life. Furthermore, she was interested in the spiritual world. Hence she wanted to know more about the soul. While she was still searching for her answers Destiny played its role. Soon she discovered her abilities to heal others.

Almost being confused about how this works she began to research more. Consequently, she learned clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counseling, drawing analysis, graphology, etc. However, she found that spiritual work was natural to her. Apart from her expertise in past life therapy, dealing with lost souls and dark energies became a part of her sessions. Finally, she found a deep connection between science and spiritual healing. Hence she combined her medical training with these skills to bring out miraculous results always.

Thereafter she introduced Hypno surgery in her sessions. She simulates the medical surgery under hypnosis bringing out the same results. In addition, she is one of the rare healers who deal with entities and black magic in a scientific yet holistic approach.

Finally, Heal Eternity is her initiative to make healing available to all. Since she believes that everyone deserves to live well, she supports her clients through out their journey. Her passion, dedication, and love for the work show in her cases. We welcome you here to get in touch with your true self!