chakra healing balancing

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Chakras are the energy centers of our body which affect our state of well being.

Chakra Energy Healing

About the Chakra Healing Balancing Workshop

What you learn:

  • Introduction to the chakras
  • The anatomical positions of chakras in our body
  • How do the chakras work and what happens when they are blocked
  • Understanding the types of blocks
  • How to diagnose the blocks
  • Diseases associated with imbalance of chakras
  • The science behind this healing
  • The methods to get your balance back
  • Daily practices for chakra healing and balancing

You also learn basics about different types of crystals and their use in healing.

Why us?
Our full-time support during and after the course makes us unique. In addition, your queries are always welcome. While we make your learning fun and exciting you can keep working on yourself with our expert support. Furthermore, if you have interest in working with clients in future we offer you to work with us depending on clients choice and availability.

Materials provided

  • Pdf containing affirmations for healing
  • Exclusive exercises for balancing chakras
  • A chart to help diagnose the blocks
  • A chart about the types of blocks and what do they indicate

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Course Cost: 750 AED [special offers available, to know more click Contact Us

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How to register for the workshop?

We appreciate your quest for knowledge and hence we would be happy to answer your queries always. Furthermore, you can avail a FREE consultation for a clear understanding. Especially, to encourage you we make it easy and fun loving since it is never too late to learn. Nevertheless, nothing can be better than learning to heal yourself and live a balanced life every day. So contact us without delay to start your journey towards healing today. Finally, we hope you have a wonderful time with us.