For those who know little about me, I am a culturally global religiously tolerant ethnically human professionally ex-dental surgeon and educationally psychotherapist. Well if that introduction left you confused then let’s just put it in a simpler way that I am just a human being living life. Well, immediately when we are born we are given an identity be it starting from our name to our family name to our community, our nationality, our religion, ethnicity, culture, etc and then every day of our life we struggle to lose this identity to become a part of the others or to create an identity of our own.


Every belief that has been followed since ages is wonderful and has its own cheerleaders but what’s important now is to think whether it is still serving me for better? So like everyone else when I grew up as an inquisitive teenager I found out that there are so many things different than what I already know, so many things I could learn from others like other religion other culture other ways of life and my parents were supportive enough to allow me to discover new horizons and in the process I discovered greater belongingness to this society, to humanity, to my fellow brothers and sisters from all over the world. I enjoyed and still do embracing different concepts of living life and the freedom to accept and practice what works for me best at the moment.


We are born with a free mind and as 100 percent perfect individuals. But as we grow up we clutter our minds with thought processes and beliefs from our surrounding which keeps narrowing our potential. Neuroscience shows that if the mother feels helpless during her pregnancy the child acquires it and is born with the feeling of helplessness deep down which can affect its further experiences in life unknowingly. Now all of us have travelled in an aeroplane, so the pilot flies the plane and he does not fly it all the time, he sets it into an autopilot mode where the direction speed and everything is preset and the plane moves accordingly, compare this with our lives now, the pilot is us the plane is our life and the autopilot is our subconscious mind. All of us know that we have a body mind and spirit. The mind is made up of the conscious and the subconscious or the unconscious. All the activities we have to think and do is what we are doing consciously and all the other activities be it brushing our teeth or just breathing is done on auto pilot ie subconscious behavior that has developed through habit and patterns. We do not think and breath and we also breath when we are asleep that shows that the subconscious mind never sleeps.


Studies show that we are operating majority of our time through our auto pilot. Conscious mind occupies only 5 % of our daily activities and just 1% of the whole time. Now let us understand what is the subconscious made of. It is just a big store house. It stores all the experiences believes systems patterns acquired knowledge fears concept about love money relationship etc. So basically we are always operating from our programs. We are what we are programmed to be. So if we have been hearing from childhood money is hard earned or money is never enough or money goes quickly than it comes in this forms our basic belief about money and we struggle all our life for abundance and prosperity, breaking up with an abusive boyfriend will attract another abusive partner because abuse is known experience stored in the mind and not unconditional love though consciously we may try hard to find a non-abusive loving partner but conscious mind is just 10 percent powerful.

There is another very common belief that we are results of our DNA and that we cannot change our basics because it’s in our genes. An experimental study showed that an adopted child brought into a family where cancer runs hereditary in their genes also acquires cancer though she has complete different genetics and a child from the same family who is growing somewhere else completely unknown of her familial origin does not have cancer even though it was genetic to her. We cannot change DNA or genetics but we can definitely change the outcome, the same DNA can produce thousand different results depending on its environment. Science has shown that the same stem cells can produce muscle tissue fat or adipose tissue or bones depending on the environment it’s exposed to.

So what do you understand from this, you are made of millions and trillions of cells and exposed to a negative environment can bring in a lot of sicknesses while positive can boost you up. That is why it is so important for a child to grow up in the right ambiance. Our parents give us what they have known from their parents who give them what they have acquired in turn and this is how the programs that operate us are created that in no time we develop all these believe that ‘I am not good enough ‘I have to work harder ‘I am not perfect and so on. We gradually become our parents our relatives our teachers and when a friend says “Oh Sam you are so much like your father” and Sam might hate his friend for saying that except for the fact that everybody else other than Sam himself realises how he is downloading his fathers programs into him and there may be thousand good things to download as well but he also downloads the criticism the insecurities the failures the abuse the loneliness and many other negative experiences that his father might have gone through in his life.


We are always judged as we grow up in terms of merit, looks etc and in turn, we judge others as adults too, we criticize ourselves and others and always crave for that perfect relationship in our life because deep inside is that inner child still waiting and craving for love and acceptance while the adult us is competing every day for approval from others, we wait for love from others but how can you expect another person to love you the way you cannot love yourself. Emptiness attracts emptiness, insecurity attracts the same so to attract a perfect relationship you should first have a perfect relationship with yourself. How can any disease prevail in your body if you love and care for your body so much. When every cell of your body feels the freshness of forgiveness and releasing the past and breaths in self-love it has no option than to be healthy. When you dress up for your office you do it in 10 mins but when you dress up for your date you take an hour, this is because you do not want to submit to the autopilot or your habits or your programs, you want to consciously make yourself look perfect and this is the honeymoon period when you are in love but then time goes on and you are occupied with so many things to think about and unknowingly you submit to your habits and this comes in as a surprise to your partner who complains that you have changed but you become confused and say “I was always like this”.

So we have the power to choose how to operate our life how to create a better future how to change our autopilot into a programming that supports us in achieving our dreams what we want to do and not what has been imposed on us that makes us feel insufficient or inadequate. You are perfect, love and embrace yourself the way you are at the moment because if you cannot accept yourself now and wait for the perfect job or the promotion or lose weight to love yourself then you are denying the “Now You which in turn cannot change and create a “beautiful future You. To become a good healer you need not be a cancer survivor or a divorced or struggling with a terminal disease you can just be another person who feels tired to throw the dustbin or feels making bed is a huge job, everybody has their own struggle and is as big as anybody else’s, respect your existence and give yourself the self-worth. Everyone is a healer when you can heal yourself and your journey begins with simple changes in your thoughts. Change the way you think or say something because every thought and every word you say is creating your future. So let us affirm “I am grateful to the Universe for this wonderful life it has given me where life supports me, health, abundance, and prosperity naturally flow through me and I always operate from love attracting other beings of love around me.