Are you desperate to turn around some things in your life right now, are you tired of old patterns repeating itself, are you waiting to embrace happiness, do you wish to attract abundance or perhaps you have a list of specific wishes to fulfill and live the life of your dreams. Any change comes with a decision and if you have taken the first bold step to decide and promised yourself to achieve it then here are some kick start self-help tools for you to work with to attract and manifest your wish list.

1.Start with simple affirmations

Rules about affirmations

Address one issue at a time
Use positive present language
Do it first thing in the morning and the last thing at night
Do it in front of the mirror 7/ 14/ 21 times for at least 21 days to start initiating changes.
Some examples are:

With every breath I take I become healthier.
My potential is unlimited I work miracles in my life
I attract abundance and prosperity into my life
My life is balanced between work and play

2.Practice ho’oponoopono

Say these phrases directing to the God/ Universe/ Light/ Divine

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you

3.Talk to your inner child

Say to yourself

I love myself

I accept myself

I trust myself

I forgive myself deeply and completely

Then breathe in through your nose and out through the mouth placing your hands on the thymus gland region.

4. Talk to your Angels, Spirit guides, God, Universe, and ask for help, to send you some support, to show you the way. Angels are always present with us whether we believe in them or not. They are always ready to help, we just have to ask for it. It is important to address them, call them and ask for help and it’s done.

5.The white light exercise

Imagine the white light coming from the Universe falling on our head going through your body to each and every cell of your body and coming out from the hands and feet and encircling you all around like enclosed in a ball and now affirm that I am always protected by this shield of white light where only love can penetrate and take a deep breath.

6.Write your wish on a stone with marker ink and place it in your plant pot, this helps water it every time you water the plant producing fresh energy flow each time.

7. Clean your room, house, throw away the unnecessary clutter to allow fresh energy circulate and bring in new fresh positive energy and opportunities.

8.Take help from the crystals and plants, place lucky bamboo, basil, money plant etc for positivity in the living environment [ refer more to other sources for which plants are suitable for you]. Similarly, you can wear or keep specific crystals according to your need that will support your vibration.

9.Work on your chakras to keep them open and functioning to attract fresh positive new opportunities and good experiences. [learn how to balance your chakras]

10.Practice writing affirmation before sleep with minor changes in your handwriting and signature to manifest your wish. [ change your handwriting and signature to change your life]

11.Do the Mental Bank [ Refer to personal contact to learn more about the mental bank and how it can work for you ]

According to numerology the number 11 has master vibration and personally it is one of my favorites so here is your 11 to do’s for you to work on manifesting your dream life. Reach out for support and guidance and also let me know how are you helping yourself.

I believe we all have the power within us we just need to discover it!

Show your love post your comments share your likes and all the best to manifest a beautiful life every moment from now.